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Article: Why we're so proud of SoyLites!

Why we're so proud of SoyLites!

Why we're so proud of SoyLites!

Soy candles were virtually unknown in South Africa when we launched SoyLites back in 2007. A SoyLites candle was certainly a ‘purple cow’ in those days. The success of our entry into the market was soon confirmed when SoyLites won the Best Health and Wellness Product in the Fair Lady Consumer Awards in 2010.

We were so excited by this award, which helped to fuel our goal to produce the best quality soy candle possible. We determined that the key to an excellent soy candle would depend on quality, consistency, and innovation in our products.

Fast forward to 2022 and soy candles are now very popular and available in many new brands with various options.

But not all soy candles are created equal. We asked some of our customers what they thought of SoyLites:

“I love SoyLites because they are simply sublime and cannot be compared to anything else out there! How can something this deeeevine be this GOOD for you!? SoyLites are able to transport you from reality to total BLISS!” - Tanya

“Oh, does one need a reason to love a product as blissful as this? I need no reason to love pure natural delicious does not simply walk past a SoyLites. ALL the products embrace my senses without me needing a reason, because that is what it's all about; bringing out the magic within. Thank you SoyLites for being a friend that does not need a reason.” - Jadejia

SoyLites has remained a soy candle favourite and continues to serve a loyal and growing customer base in South Africa. We keep striving to bring calm, ambiance, and happiness to our customers in the following ways:

- Widest soy candle fragrance range of essential oil blends in the country

- A clean, quality burn that is unmatched in the local market resulting in affordable luxury. (We have tested every other product we could get our hands on and stand by this statement.)

- A versatile body product and fragranced candle-in-one, with exceptional benefits and results for your skin.

- Hand-crafted with love in South Africa, with endorsements from Beauty Without Cruelty, Vegan SA and Proudly South African.

SoyLites aims to enhance your everyday living by engaging your senses.
Burn Bright!

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