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Man Range

For the sophisticated man. We added a little pampering to practical, simple, versatile, and effective products resulting in our new Man Range!

The same, excellent SoyLites quality and packaged and fragranced with the masculine in mind. 


Man Candle (220ml)

Create an eco-friendly, candle-light ambiance with these masculine-inspired fragrances.

Available in black glass with a bamboo wooden lid, offering 50 hours of burn time. Contains pure vegetable soy wax and shea butter and essential oils. Can be applied t the skin with many moisturising benefits. 

Man Balm (100ml)

No fuss, easily absorbed, super nourishing, masculine-inspired fragranced balms. 100% vegetable, no petroleum. These versatile balms leave your skin feeling soft, moisturised, and refreshed. 

Available in a black aluminium container with a screw lid. Contains pure vegetable oils and soy wax, coconut oil, shea butter, and sweet almond oil. 

Both products available in two essential oil blend combinations:

1. Oud and Neroli

Oud is an indigenous tree resin in the East that is distilled into the woody-sweet scent of Oud, which is commonly added to perfumes and male products. We combined the woody-sweet scent of Oud with the bitter orange tones of Neroli,  resulting in an invigorating and unique combination. 

2. Sandalwood and Patchouli

Sandalwood is an ancient classic musky scent with hearty wood notes, and patchouli is a calming oil with creativity and libido-enhancing benefits. Patchouli is distilled from Patchouli leaves while Sandalwood is sourced from a dry deciduous forest species of tree. We also added a hint of peppermint to round off this exotic scent. Peppermint is a commonly grown herb. 

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SoyLites Man Balm - Oud and NeroliSoyLites Man Balm - Oud and Neroli
Man Balm with Oud and Neroli Sale priceR 140.00 ZAR
SoyLites Man Balm Man Balm - Sandlewood and PatchouliSoyLites Man Balm Man Balm - Sandlewood and Patchouli
SoyLites Man Candle Man Candle - Oud and NeroliSoyLites Man Candle Man Candle - Oud and Neroli
Man Candle with Oud and Neroli Sale priceR 350.00 ZAR
SoyLites Man Candle Man Candle - Sandlewood and PatchouliSoyLites Man Candle Man Candle - Sandlewood and Patchouli
SoyLites Body Care Range STOUT Glycerine Soap Bar
STOUT Glycerine Soap Bar Sale priceR 95.00 ZAR
SoyLites Body Care Range PALE ALE Glycerine Soap
PALE ALE Glycerine Soap Sale priceR 95.00 ZAR