Our mission is to enhance your everyday living by engaging your senses.

Who is SoyLites?

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary value of SoyLites, where our creations go beyond mere products. From stress relief to relaxation, enticing and enlivening your senses, our offerings bring a peace of mind quality that transcends the ordinary.

Elevate your daily rituals with SoyLites, where every breath is an affirmation of the unparalleled value we infuse into your life. Discover the trailblazing soy candle brand born in South Africa in 2007, fusing nature-friendly passion with innovative flair. Our eco-authentic range includes aromatherapy candles, body balms, and soy crayons.

Revitalize your senses amidst urban chaos with our exotic essential oil blends, designed to elevate your day and leave your home smelling amazing. More than aromatic indulgence, SoyLites candles are full-body products, serving as long-lasting aromatherapy treats and non-greasy moisturizers. Committed to quality and ethical practices, we source only the finest natural ingredients, free from hidden additives. Whether through wholesale, custom projects, corporate gifts, or online retail, SoyLites is your destination for sustainable and transformative experiences. SoyLites – where innovation meets nature's embrace.

SoyLites is owned and run by life-partners Nicole Antonie and Colin Skelton, who live in Johannesburg with their daughter Jazmin.