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Enjoy Soy Symphonies

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A new shweshwe range of candles

Creative designs from Africa

NEW Shweshwe Inspired Range!

Scented eco-soy candles to enhance your day

Igniting Wellness.

Affordable Luxury, lighting your way to well-being.

Engage Your Senses.

Moisturing Soy Body Candles

Handpoured With Love.

Our Customers Love These Collections

Our products are always Sustainable, Natural and Biodegradable. #EcoIndulgence

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Customers from all over SA and around the world love SoyLites.

"SoyLites has honestly been the light in my life that rounds my edges and motivates me to keep going.

I prepare my office into what feels like my sanctuary. SoyLites soy candles bring the calmness that wraps itself around me like a warm familiar soft blanket. My soy candles stay burning with me until I am done. 

A familiar friend stands by my side holding my hand. Thank you SoyLites! My new ritual."


"I have to admit, the name alone had me hooked. Decadence? Yes, please! And oh boy, did this blend from SoyLites deliver on that promise.

Definitely recommended!"


"Forget aromatherapy, it's aromatherapy on steroids! Sun-kissed citrus scent explodes, chasing away stress like a rocket.

I also love that these products are local, natural and eco-friendly.

SoyLites? More like 'Soul-lights'!


"I was looking for a no-fuss candle that would scent my office and provide some ambiance.

Then I bought a Soylites 'man' candle. Not only did I discover a great scent, but I also found a moisturising solution too. The candle doubles up as a body cream! No-fuss!

And the man balm is a really cool compliment too! "


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