Man Balm with Oud and Neroli

R 150

For the sophisticated, hardworking man. We added a little relaxation and pampering to practical, simple, versatile, and effective products resulting in our new Man Range!

Man Balm 100ml - Oud is an indigenous tree resin in the East that is distilled into the woody-sweet scent of Oud, which is commonly added to perfumes and male products. We combined the woody-sweet scent of Oud with the bitter orange tones of Neroli,  resulting in an invigorating and unique combination. 

The Man Balm is super versatile and has a range of application benefits including dry hands and feet, after-shave moisturising, beard balm, dry lips, scars and tight skin. This balm can also be applied to hair for deep nourishment. 

Housed in sleek black a tin with a lid. The same, excellent SoyLites quality and packaged and fragranced with the masculine in mind.  

Contains: 100 % vegetable exotic oils. 

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