Tall Pillar Candle 700g

R 350

The pillar candles are sold exclusively on our online shop. They offer a classic and elegant addition to your interior ambience. 

Unlike our other ranges, the pillar candles are traditional freestanding without being housed in any containers. This is because the specialised soy wax we use for the pillar candles has been hydrogenated with a much higher melting point than our body soy candles, resulting in a much harder wax. This means it is possible to 'throw' (meaning: pour) the candles into moulds. 

NOTE: Due to the different melting point of the pillar candles waxes, these products are not suitable for use on the skin (they are completely harmless to apply to the skin, but they will not result in the same texture and will not be absorbed into the skin like the rest of our ranges).

The Tall Pillar has approx 70 hours burn time.

Available in all our standard essential oils and fragrance blends.


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