Rainbow Rocks Happy Crayons are inspired by nature and stand out from conventional crayons. They are hand-made with a 100% soy and vegetable base, beautifully coloured with food and cosmetic grade pigments. They are therefore completely safe, biodegradable and eco-friendly. With the unique addition of pure lavender essential oil, which is well known for its calmative benefits, the scent of lavender literally fills the page or surface you are drawing on.


Rainbow Rocks Happy Crayons are softer in texture than conventional crayons and glide smoothly and more easily over the page, resulting in a pastel feel. Try using your finger to smudge the colours into each other. The round flower-like shape of the kids range enables variation in drawing strokes with an easy grip, encouraging fine motor skill development.

Rainbow Rocks Happy Crayons are also durable and will not break if dropped They have been designed with the intention to enhance yours or your child’s creative spirit without being harmful to the environment.