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We have had many amazing testimonials from happy customers over the years who have loved our products for various reasons. Please scroll through some and see what people have had to say out SoyLites:

"We bought 3 candles about two months ago and have been using them all the time.  Our skins (mine and my husband’s) have never been this smooth and it feels and smells fantastic. It makes any massage a relaxing experience. I’m looking forward to try out different scents in future.  Best product I’ve used in a long time.  Thank you!" – Michelle

"A few years back my Mom received a SoyLites candle for her birthday. She started using it on her very dry skin and then moved to using it on her heals. Due to my commitment to Cruelty Free products, I wanted to stop using the usual heal creams for my sore cracked heals. I started using SoyLites candle on my heals – WOW! Better than stupid “animal-tested” creams and lovely smelling. Thanks so much" – Shelley

"The Ladybird Body Balm is living in my bag and shared with many friends :) . A delicious moisturising balm. Thanks. love it." – Ilana

"Loving my SOYLITES. The smell its too beautiful. Thank you SoyLites for bringing a healthy flame to our dinner tables this New Year." – Ella Bella

"A friend of mine gave me a TraveLite on my recent trip back to SA. I’m now back in the UK enjoying my candle for the first time. The bedroom smells lovely and my skin feels wonderful. Please could you bring this to the UK so I can buy it here?" – Pamela

"We don’t just ‘like’ Soylites, we absolutely ‘love’ them." – Vanilla Rose

"I absolutely love your products!" – Anthea

"I was given a SoyLites as a gift and WOW what a wonderful product and the bonus is that the ‘wax’ could be used on my hands, arms, elbows & knees with excellent results, baby skin smooth elbows and knees..… Thank you for a really good product, health wise as well as planet wise" – Wyllis

"I recently received one of your candles as a gift – I am hooked. The product is absolutely wonderful for my skin." – Nicci

"I have battled for years to find the perfect lip balm. I suffer terribly from dry winter lips all year round and normal lip-ice only made my lips worse. I was constantly spending money on different types of lip balms and lip-ice. I recently found out about Soylites products at the Grahamstown arts festival in the Eastern Cape and decided to give their soy lip balm a try and to my surprise it really really worked! It makes my lips so soft and moisturises them so much that I only have to apply it twice a day. I love this product and advise any one who suffers from dry lips to try it, ITS WONDERFUL" – Melissa

"Thank you for your WONDERFUL SoyLites candles – what a treat to relax in the bath with the candle and then have the gorgeous smelling cream afterwards!" – Barbra

"Thanks so much for your speedy delivery, we enjoyed the candles so much this weekend" – Arlene

"My partner has really bad eczema on his face and he has tried a number of things – some of which have aggravated his skin and others that have just kept the eczema under control. A friend of mine suggested we try the Soylites Soy candles out and we are so glad we did. We did a little experiment and only put the Lavender soy candle wax on half of his face and continued to treat the other half with traditional medicine. Two days later – the Soy product healed the skin much faster so we are now using that on the rest of his face and it seems to be working really well. Fantastic products – thank you!" – Sophie

"Great product! It promotes wellness to the whole of a person: through the sense of smell, the sense of touch, by the moisturising effect on the skin as well as internally through the actions of the essential oils. The ambiance it creates is very relaxing and it creates a special atmosphere in the practice I run. Well done you guys!" – Herony

"Thank you for these amazing candles. I use mine everyday at bedtime for my feet and hands as I have very dry skin. My room always smells wonderful too." – Michelle

"I bought this candle while on holiday in South Africa its now my favourite the perfume is gorgeous and the oil is wonderful for massaging my hands" – Joan

"My son and his girlfriend bought me the Soylites Tranquility for a Christmas present. I have very cracked heals. What a differance in three days!! Thank you so much." – Glenda

"I did receive my parcel today, thank you very much. Your service was and is 1st class. I will definitely recommend your company to all friends." – Annalize

"My 4 year old daughter goes to a Waldorf school in Durban. Its a little different from normal schools. They believe in all natural schooling… On occasions I give the teachers (SoyLites) candles as gifts, and at their special story times in the afternoons, they light the candles and at the end of the story the kids are allowed to dip their fingers into the oil which delights them no end. They all come out the class room smelling divine. Your candles are appreciated by young and old. Thanks for amazing products" – Ashleigh

"Have tried a million different lotions, oils, creams etc for my practice and the ONLY thing that works are your soy candles. Am your biggest fan!!!" – Emma 

"The candle is wonderful – I burn it at night and then use the warm oil on my feet, elbows and hands and leave it to work while sleeping. I am familiar with suppliers in my area and have already purchased some of the candles as gifts." – Jacqueline

"The candle is wonderful – I burn it at night and then use the warm oil on my feet, elbows and hands and leave it to work while sleeping. I am familiar with suppliers in my area and have already purchased some of the candles as gifts." – Jacqueline

"My mom got some soy candles at some ‘do’ where she works. She became hooked on them and was totally sold on them as her nails grew out very strong. I love massaging the oil into my skin at night and really love the moisturizing effect that it has.’’ – Laura

"I have one of the candles burning at the moment – gorgeous! They are already sailing out of the shop and we are getting wonderful feed back" – Tamsin

"We only have 1 candle left from Friday so doing well and it works stunningly in a facial massage" – Kerry

"We sold 22 out of the 28 candles in 2 trading days. So yeah!!! And it’s not even peak season yet." – Carol

"Thanks for all the good service and a great product!  Candles stunning!  I swim and cannot believe the difference it has made to my terribly day hands – they look 20 years younger!" – Mandy

"I was given a SoyLites candle as a gift and was very dubious due to trying various creams, gels, all sorts of medical and herbal applications. I used the candle as per the instructions and saw a difference in my psoriasis after the first application. It was less red and angry, and soft to touch. After continuous application, I could not believe my eyes – the patches of psoriasis became smaller and less visible. I was blown away! Once my candle was finished I looked around frantically for a new one. I can really recommend SoyLites to ease and relieve psoriasis. Thank you so much, the candles have made such a difference in my life" – Yvonne

"Just to tell you that I think these soy candles are magnificent" – Kenda

"…I love the candles, they are very relaxing!" – Shauna

"SoyLites massage candles! They are the most fantastic product!!!!" – Jean