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Article: More than just a candle...

More than just a candle...

More than just a candle...

 "Something remarkable is worth talking about. Worth noticing. Exceptional. New. Interesting. Purple Cow. Boring stuff is invisible. It is a brown cow." - Seth Godin, Purple Cow, 2002.

Its been 15 years now since we launched our company and our body candles are still in many ways, as Seth Godin calls it, a Purple Cow: exceptional and worth noticing. Certainly they are new to anyone who has not yet had the pleasure of experiencing them...


We always get interesting reactions from people who experience our soy body candles for the first time. "Dip my finger into the warm oil pool and apply to my skin? No way!" It seems counter intuitive to dip your finger into melted wax and naturally people are slightly hesitant at first. You have probably tried this with regular paraffin candles when you were a kid, only to be reprimanded by your parents for doing so (if you got caught). But SoyLites candles are unlike regular candles...

What makes SoyLites candles exceptional and worth noticing? I love seeing the delight in peoples' faces when they first apply the warm, melted oil onto their skin. The conventional perception of a candle gets broken in that moment. No sharp burning sensation and no hardening of the wax onto their skin. Full of vitamin E, the warm oil is easily absorbed into the skin. Then, often with glee, they rub the soy oil into their skin and immediately experience the warm, soft, moisturising benefits. Oo's and aa's are common responses and the gorgeous aromatic infusions in our candles leave your skin smelling beautiful too. 


(Regular paraffin candles melt at a high temperature (72 degrees celcius) whereas SoyLites candles are 100% natural and melt at 39 degrees, only 2 degrees above body temperature, making the melted soy oil warm to the touch.) 


It's not only humans that love our products. One of our customers uses our soy candles to treat a scar from an injury their horse sustained. Another customer uses the soy oil from the candle to treat her dog Teddy's eczema. Our mid-wife's dog once knocked over a candle and gobbled up a piece that had broken off (fortunately pooch did not swallow any glass) with no adverse effects. Of course we do not endorse eating our products but if you were stuck on an island with no light, no moisturiser, no perfume and no food, a SoyLites candle would be a better companion than any other candle!


The pleasure people receive from using SoyLites soy candles is what keeps us passionate about what we do. We have hundreds of testimonials from customers who tell us why they love our products. With so many different benefits, SoyLites candles are truly versatile. Knowing that we are in some way, even in small ways, making a difference and enhancing peoples lives by engaging their senses, is all the motivation we need to keep innovating, creating and tending to our purple cows.


Burn Bright!










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