Celebrate Tumbler Candle with Juniper Berry, Bitter Lime, Mandarin & Lemon

R 320

Celebrate Tumbler 220ml Candle

The latest blend to be added this range, Celebrate is a reason to celebrate friendships, family and life with this delightfully effervescent aroma combination. Juniper Berry, Bitter Lime, Mandarin & Lemon. 

Juniper berries com from the Juniper tree and have been used in culinary and medicinal purposes since ancient times. We use them in our blends because of their powerful woody or spicy aroma. The Lime, Manadarin and Lemon add a zesty, fresh citrussy zing to the candle. 

As with all our tumblers the Celebrate Tumbler 220ml Candle's burn time is 50 hours. That's a seriously long bubble bath or romantic dinner! 

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