220ml Tumbler and Luxury Beauty Oil combo - April Special Offer

R 420 R 520

FREE handcrafted dark chocolate bar with every 220ml Tumbler and Luxury Beauty oil purchased during April.

Only available with our newest blends namely:

Creativity - For the wild litchi fans! This wild and sweet parfum will fill your senses and your space with exotic pleasure

Renewal - A gentle, relaxing and soothing experience for a clam life. The citrus notes blend well with a freshness of cucumber.

WisdomThis musky, earthy fragrance borrows inspiration for the Middle East, and combined with Patchouli, offers a well rounded blend with oriental notes.

PositivityBe inspired by the vastness of the desert and unleash your creative energy. This delightful, slightly bitter blend also has a hint of sweetness for an interesting aromatic experience.

R520.00 value!

About 220ml Tumbler:

Our flagship range, the Soy Body Candles are the original Soy Candle range in South Africa and still the most popular. With a beautiful, even, 50 hour burn time, value and quality combine to provide beautiful aromatherapy scents and luxurious body moisturising benefits.

The dual use of SoyLites products is one of the most sought after qualities. While on the one hand our candles burn beautifully and are environmentally friendly, the warm oil that forms around the wick when burning is full of Vitamin E and Lecithin and is an amazing moisturising and nourishing treatment for all skin conditions.

This product won the Fair Lady Consumer Awards in 2010 for the best Health and Wellness product in South Africa.

Perfect for use in the home, office, bathroom or as a unique gift.

About Luxury Beauty Oil

This amazing tissue oil is an exotic blend of Baobab & Marula oils to hydrate, heal and balance your skin.

Baobab Oil contains a high level of essential fatty acids, as well as a nutritive boost of vitamins A, D, and E.  Baobab Oil is great for moisturising both skin and hair.  It can help to improve elasticity, regenerate cells, all the while leaving pores clean and clear.  An excellent ingredient for eczema or psoriasis.
 Marula Oil is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, making it one of the most nutritive African skin care oils. Marula is a great choice for dry skin formulations.  In addition to being highly moisturising, it can also help to reduce redness and heal damaged tissue.  

Available in 50ml dispenser, amber glass bottle 

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