We're thrilled to introduce Ntokozo, our new office manager!

Ntokozo, we're thrilled to have you join us at SoyLites. What have you enjoyed most about your first month??? The support from the team has been phenomenal. I feel part of the family. And I live close :0

Have you selected a favourite candle fragrance yet? Yes! Decadence!

What do you love about that fragrance? The smell is different - it is a breath of fresh air!

Where are you from? Originally from Soweto - I grew up in Soweto and recently moved to Randburg. 

Tea, coffee or wine? Wine for sure

Braai, Shisanyama, fine dining or salad? Shisanyama 

What music do you enjoy and who is your favourite SA band / muso? I enjoy House music & De Mtuda is my artist (from Soweto).

Soccer, rugby, cricket or "sport ain't my thing”? Soccer

Then what is "your thing”? I used to enjoy playing Soccer & now I play Soccer on my device :-)

How do you unwind? I don’t normally feel stressed … However I like to think over a beer or glass of wine. (Editor - and a Decadence Candle, obvs)

Can you tell us about your family? I was raised by my Mom & then I moved & stayed with my Dad. Until then I thought I was the only child for 18 years and then met my brothers later in life. I have one older brother & two younger ones. I have a 4 month old daughter too.

What's one thing that you want to tell the world but haven't yet? I am a failed Soccer player …. I was nearly there.

Anything else? …. I love the Butter Bars! Especially the Hemp Relief!

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